June 28, 2008

A Lovely Day


Burnham Art Trail today. And what a lovely day! Brilliant sunshine, 27 degrees, bit of a breeze. Felt so relaxed and carefree. Not a care in the world. The boat ride with Siew Keens dad. Azure (?) water, clear enough to see some of the hull of a boat underwater. Salt spray and wind in my face. No ice cream though 



June 12, 2008

Amsterdam and Beyond

Amsterdam was hazily brilliant! I was completely off my face Monday (and the Sunday night ... and Tuesday morning); like I haven't been for years. It got quite trippy and unreal a couple of times during the day.

Pauline spat red wine over Rick & Siew Keens trousers, Judith passed out spectacularly amongst a pool of red wine looking for all the world like a murder victim, and there were a few stunned group silences over the course of the 3 days ...... But when we laughed ... Rolling on the floor

I'd need a couple more days there to explore more. We got pretty lost for a while and went round in circles a couple of times ... but that was the fault of two policemen, a removal chappy in an open cellar and a passerby. Nothing at all to do with anything wee'd smoked! It was hot as well and our little legs got quite tired.

Cue the solace of a handy little coffee shop, in a square, outside, under the shade of a large tree. Well, we just had to stop, didn't we? Having partaken of sustenance and conviviality we soldiered on. The rest of the afternoon was spent on board a water bus on the canal. If I could travel to work like that every day I don't think I'd ever feel stressed out again. The journey was beautifully calming.

All too soon Tuesday morning was upon us and we had to do some serious smoking to use up everything we'd bought. Still, we managed it. Then it was off to the airport by tram (which we didn't seem to pay for either of the times we used it) for the afternoon flight back home. I think I was still recovering on Wednesday morning when I went back to work.

And I never thought about work the entire time I was away!

Maybe that's the answer. 3 days in Amsterdam at the beginning of July getting absolutely shit-faced and I'll be well relaxed and set up for the rest of my holidays.

June 07, 2008

A Profound Experience

I'm interested in the feeling of 'stepping off the planet" and the immense relief I felt the other day:

the chumbawumba wagon

discharging cooking oiley fumes and the smell of cheap burgers

looked like an inviting haven of tranquility

Medium sized caravan with serving bar at one end

Counter top tables along both sides and some chairs

Paul O'Grady on the TV

Sun newspaper

greasy sausage in a bun, and a cup of tea

it was wonderful!!

A120 screaming past outside seemed a world away

like exiting reality, or stepping off the planet for a breather.

everything involved with shutting the office down has made me knackered by the end of the day.

Everything about it was so different from the 'norm' for me. It was a spur of the moment thing. It took me far from the world just outside the door. And it was a bit more than just a break. I ought to do something like it more often. There's the woods at Wickham Bishops, the sea wall near home, a bike ride after work ... especially now the warmer weather is nearly here.

And now my thoughts are grinding to a halt .........................