May 25, 2013

Texting and Walking as an Irresponsible Exercise

Good God!!! As if people using their phones almost constantly isn't enough - now you can download an app that will warn you of impending danger while you text and walk.

See here.

And I thought that was what eyes were made for.

If people want to text and walk at the same time, let them break their noses and fall off cliffs if they can't be bothered to watch where they're going. Just don't bump into me on the street with your phone in your hand.

And who's going to invent something for the drivers who insist on endangering lives every day while they bury their noses in their mobile phones? The sooner we take away this time-wasting reliance on mobile phone technology the better.

Being 'connected' every waking minute of the day seems to be bringing about a disconnection with the world.