April 11, 2014

pope Francis takes on evil which some priests had committed

The poor ole pope taking on evil
So, pope Francis has asked for forgiveness for the "evil" damage to children caused by sexual abusers in the clergy.

Hah!!! Baloney.

Does this include the clergy and the vatican who have moved these evil abusers around the world to remove them from the places and the people they have harmed? The people who have moved the abusers in an attempt to hush up abuse by an institution that is supposed to protect people? The clergy and the Vatican who have persistently, it seems, tried to ignore the problem and to deal with it in the most heinous way possible to those who have been abused?

I have written before about the right of the catholic church (no capitals on purpose here - it shouldn't be a proper noun) to speak about anything to do with abuse when it seems to me to be the most abusive Western religion going.

If anyone's going to Hell (capital letter on purpose - it is a proper noun after all) it should be the perpetrators of such crimes. Instead it leaves the victims in Hell and rewards the perpetrators.

Consider a 55 year old woman married to a divorced man. Not much wrong with that you might think.

That 55 year old woman had a letter from the pope excommunicating her from the catholic church because she was married to a divorced man.

That 55 year old woman is Irish and a devout catholic. She has had it instilled into her since birth.

She wishes, secretly, that her husband will die before she does so that she can be accepted back into the catholic church and go to heaven when she dies. She loves her husband dearly and knows it is a completely unreasonable thing to think and feel. The way she thinks about it causes her immense feelings of guilt because of her love for her husband. But because it is so ingrained in her she cannot help thinking this way.

I think the Moonies did something similar and it's called Brainwashing (capital letter on purpose). Who is more Christian? I'll leave you to decide.