April 08, 2015

Brilliant video from the Green Party

If you don't know who to vote for yet, watch this.

Caroline Lucas reveals 10 things no one tells you before you first enter Parliament:
Ever needed a reason to change the way Parliament works? It seems to be stuck in the Middle Ages while wearing Armani suits. Read an eye-opening account of what it means to 'take part' in Parliament. Would YOU really want our Government to conduct itself in this way? I don't.

April 06, 2015

I want to know what the person I am voting for said; not what the other person might have said. I'm tired of election campaigns being about what the other party aren't doing rather than what the party I want to vote for IS going to do. It seems the Green Party are the only ones for that. The Green Party are the only ones who allow ALL their members to input into policies. Take a look. Surely that's what Democracy is about. With Tories and Labour (among others) we're really under an elected dictatorship. That's not what I want for our future and our children.